Nov 14, 2019
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Professional Crypto Trading Platform

Superorder is a professional crypto trading platform with built-in automation, allowing to create and run trading strategies using visual interface and helping to win on 24/7 markets.

Program Without Programming
Use different blocks to build your trading decision or automate trading signal from your favorite group. Plus logical operators are here for you to allow things like simultaneous take profit with stop loss and more.

Crypto Trading Bots
Rent a bot based on user-generated and optimized strategies. Choose among options for scalping, long, and short trading. Get profits with the minimum effort.
More bots are yet to come.

Trade Everywhere From Single Powerful Trading Platform
Sync your favorite exchanges, then build a strategy in seconds. Without code. Make the most of advanced order types while keeping everything on one crypto trading platform

Trailing Buys & Sells
Get Trailing Buys & Trailing Sells everywhere, even if exchange doesn't support it. Don't leave profits on the table. Superorder enhances every exchange with additional features.

Hidden from Orderbook
Use our strategy builder and you can easily execute market orders when price reaches defined level thus keeping your orders away from Orderbook.

Cross-Exchange Orders
Sell your Alts Bags on Binance when BTC starting to dump on Bitmex. Get that by using 2 blocks in our Strategy builder. It is that easy.

Look at the modern crypto trading software built by traders. Get everything you need and even more.

Visual Strategy Builder
Use this drag-and-drop workspace to combine different orders and actions. The process is really similar to building with Lego bricks. Trading has never been easier!

Trailing Stop
Forget about manual Stop Loss changes. Superorder supports dynamic Trailing Buys & Sells. Use them even on exchanges that doesn’t support this feature.

Pro Charts
Check dozens of indicators using charts from TradingView. Save and compare custom timeframes on a single screen.

Portfolio Tracker
Check the performance of owned digital assets. Always know your profits or losses.

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